Are you looking to replace your Chevrolet Silverado wheels? How do you go about finding the right set for your ride? What are your considerations for making your decision? Shopping for new wheels or rims, you can get some insight from sellers if you tell them what you’re after. Make sure you really ask around to make sure that you don’t just fall for a simple sales pitch. Some salesmen may not be as knowledgeable about wheel matters as they make themselves out to be.

One of the first things to take into account when choosing new Chevrolet Silverado wheels is the material they are made of. The choice is usually between straight steel and alloy. Alloy wheels are often made of forged aluminum and magnesium. They are lightweight and stylish – definitely better when it comes to agility and performance. Most wheels today are alloy, but you’ll find that there are people who still prefer the stronger and more durable steel for their wheels. If you mainly take your Silverado out for rough driving conditions like off-roads and winter roads, steel may be a better bet for you.

Another feature to look at is the bolt pattern. This deals with a basic fitment issue, so you need to make sure that the pattern is correct or the wheels simply wouldn’t fit your vehicle. Another fitment consideration is whether the wheels are hub-centric or lug-centric. Generally, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) wheels are hub-centric, being specifically designed for that specific vehicle. Meanwhile, many aftermarket wheels are lug-centric to fit a wide variety of vehicles.

Aesthetics also bears looking into. Of course, you don’t want your replacement wheels to be ugly. They don’t have to be flashy if that’s not your style, but you certainly want them looking smooth and polished. You may have to look at several finishes to determine which one would achieve the look you want for your vehicle. Painted, machined, hypersilver, chrome… just pick the ones that appeal to your taste.

When buying wheels, it’s always safest and most practical to go with OEM wheels. This way, you know for sure that the wheels will fit and that they wouldn’t take away from the resale value of your vehicle. Customized aftermarket wheels are also a great choice, but they’re often very pricey. The best thing really is to know what you want out of those wheels to determine the best choice for you.