When you are looking for new rims and wheels for your classy Lincoln, you want to be sure to get the best value for your money. You also want to know that the materials are strong and durable. The main question many car owners ask about rim or wheel materials is what the difference between aluminum, steel and alloy is.

Aluminum OEM Factory Rims and Wheels

Aluminum or alloy rims, both made of lighter weight metal for better performance in light cars are the most popular choices for rims and wheels. Lincoln OEM factory rims are made of a high-grade aluminum that is durable, while giving you better gas mileage due to less weight than a heavy steel rim or wheel. Alloy rims are a combination of lightweight metals, typically magnesium and aluminum together. This is another popular choice that is still much lighter than steel, but the slightly heavier magnesium offers a little more durability under heavy loads. Alloy rims and wheels are good for SUVs, trucks and other vehicles that will be getting a lot of heavy use. Most luxury automobiles do not get such punishment, and are better off with the lighter weight aluminum rims and wheels to get better gas mileage.

Cast aluminum OEM factory rims and wheels offer a better savings advantage as well. They are molded from liquid metals which also provide better accuracy in adherence to the standards for the vehicle.

Steel Wheel Differences                                                               

The only area that steel has the advantage for lighter cars is in repairs. It is possible to get damaged rims and wheels repaired cheaper and faster than aluminum or alloy rims. Still, even aluminum rims can be refurbished, and MVPwheels offers many excellent used options to help repair damaged Lincoln rims and wheels at an even bigger savings.

The Look of Luxury for Your Lincoln Wheels and Rims

Aluminum and alloy wheels have a better appearance, and provide a more stylish look for your vehicle. The lighter weight also gives you a smoother ride, and faster acceleration along with reduced mass and quicker braking speed. This makes aluminum wheels a great choice for both performance cars and the family car. Check out the great options we have available for your vehicle today.