Refinishing (restoring) your factory wheels to like-new condition can go a long ways toward making your entire look like new again. Peoples’ eyes look to the wheels first, and if they stand out and look new, the whole car looks better.

Corrosion, age, scratches, scrapes, and paint-peeling can make your wheels look old and tired. Refinishing (reconditioning) wheels so that they exhibit their factory-like appearance is incredibly affordable, and it makes the whole car look better.

Wheel refinishing can breathe new life into your tired, dull wheels for a mere fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Reasons To Get Wheel Refinishing

Cost: Wheel refinishing costs a mere fraction of the cost of replacing your wheels.

Winter Weather Damage: Winter is really hard on your wheels because of the corrosive salts your wheels are exposed to. Wheel refinishing will help with the winter weather damage, and that will protect the wheels over the long term.

Shininess: Wheels can start to look really lackluster over the long-term, and winter weather damage can take a real toll on them. Get your wheels looking really shiny again. Dull wheels can make you feel bad just looking at them. If you care about the overall appearance of your car, start with the wheels.

Lengthen The Lifespan Of Your Wheels: Wheel refinishing is an excellent way to prolong the lifecycle of your wheels – and it makes them look a lot better too. Harsh weather can cause your wheels to corrode and rust.

Remove Build Up: Car wheels get build-up year-round. Even though you have the option of using abrasive-free washing, the buildup can be more than you can remove on your own.

Having Wheel Trouble?

Are you in some wheel trouble? You have plenty of options to help get you out of it. There are many different options you have, depending on the nature of the problem.

Why Do Wheels Need Refinishing?: Wheels that are scratched, scraped, cut, or have a clear cut that is peeling right off, or even need simple polishing, can benefit from a good wheel refinishing. Restoring your wheels to like-new condition is possible with a good refinishing job, and it can save you a lot on a replacement wheel. Wheels can be primed, painted, and clear-coated (completely repaired) with paint adhesion technology and the same high-end paint products that the manufacturer uses.

Why Do Wheels Need Straightening?: Wheels might be bent, vibrating, or out-of-round can benefit from a great wheel-straightening job. Vibrations that are not corrected will not just destroy your tires, it can cause a lot of damage to both the suspension and steering systems of your car. It might be best to search for a local provider that offers an efficient and effective straightening system that can restore bent or out-of-round wheels.

Why Do Wheels Need To Be Remanufactured Or Replaced?: Some wheels are so severely damaged that they need to replaced or remanufactured. Some severely bent, cracked, or even broken wheels can be completely repaired.