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The Eagle model cars became a part of Chrysler when they bought the brand from AMC. They are great vehicles with both hatchback, sedan wagon and sportster versions. The last Eagle rolled off the assembly line in 1998, and many are still cherished by automobile enthusiasts today. If you have one of the awesome Eagle car models and need to restore it to its former glory, or have owned a classic Eagle for years and are looking to upgrade its style, or repair a bent rim, we have the parts for you.

Choosing OEM Factory Rims for Your Eagle

We can help you get the proper rims and wheels for your Eagle wagon, Eagle Premier, Summit or Talon and make sure it is the right fit for the best performance and function. It is important to always make sure the parts you buy for your car are made to OEM factory specifications. That way you know that they will always match the needs of your car both mechanically and in performance. We only carry Eagle OEM factory wheels for your car. You can choose from new or used rims to get the type of savings you need. While all of our high-quality parts are offered at the best prices possible, choosing refurbished used OEM rims gives you the ability to buy the style you like at a much greater savings.

Why to Change Your Eagle’s Wheels

You may be looking for new rims for your Eagle because the existing parts are old and worn out. When restoring any automobile, the wheels are one of the most common parts to begin with. However, there are plenty of other times you might need to look for new rims for your car. Damage caused by road hazards or weather, can make your wheel unsafe, or lower the performance of the car. Another reason many car owners choose to buy new wheels for their automobiles is because they want to give their vehicle a unique look.

Whatever the reason you have for looking for Datsun OEM rims, we can give you the widest selection at the best prices. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about selecting your wheels, or ordering the parts you need. We offer a 30-day guarantee on all parts to give you the confidence you deserve, and the service you need. Most orders ship within 1 day following payment.


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