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Isuzu’s began production in 1966 with the Bellett and ended their US production in 1992 with the Geo Storm (otherwise known as the Impulse). Following 1994, many Isuzu’s were produced under the Honda, GM and Chevy brands. In 1999 GM took majority control of the company and produced several popular models until in 2006 Toyota took control along with GM and they co-created several brands for Europe.

With additional stints in the US such as their Topkick and Kodiak models in the early 2000s, most US production stopped in 2009. In spite of its tumultuous history, Isuzu’s have a remarkable staying power. Many classics are still on the road today and a large percentage of the late model GM and Honda collaborations are readily available.

Buying Isuzu OEM Factory Wheels

If you are the owner of one of these historic cars and want to restore it, or make it even better, you can add stylish OEM factory rims and wheels to it to enhance its performance and looks. We offer a large selection of all of the available Isuzu rims and wheels available at great prices. You may even find used/refurbished Isuzu wheels and rims that will give you more value while improving the looks and performance of your vehicle.

When you order OEM factory parts you can be sure they will fit properly, and give you the performance you deserve. Whether you need just one to fix a broken wheel or rim, or want a whole new set to add a different look to your Isuzu, we can provide you with the parts you need to get you moving again.

Ordering Isuzu Rims and Wheels Made Easy

We can help you get your new Isuzu OEM factory rims and wheels quickly and easily. All you have to do is select the proper Isuzu model and year from our drop down boxes and review the listing of all possible choices. Once you have made the selection you want, add the parts to your cart and checkout. Our quick checkout process is easy and secure. Once payment is made, most orders ship within one day so you get your parts delivered right to your door fast.

Satisfaction Guaranteed on Your Isuzu Rim Order

We offer a solid 30-day guarantee so you can be sure you will be happy with your order, and it will meet your expectations. If you have any questions about parts, shipping or need help placing your order, feel free to call our customer service number. We can answer your questions and even place your order for you.

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