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Pontiac has a proud tradition of building beautiful and powerful American automobiles. It began in 1926 and had its last model produced in 2009. In its eighty-three year history it created some of the most memorable and sought after cars ever made including the 1969 GTO and the sporty Firebird and Trans-Am. These cars are still highly prized by collectors and driving enthusiasts alike, and many are bought for restoration.

Whether you have a late model Pontiac that needs new wheels or rims following some minor road damage, or have a classic GTO that needs restoration, we have the largest selection of Pontiac OEM factory rims and wheels available at great prices. There are many reasons even newer models of Pontiacs may need new rims or wheels. Some people like to change the looks of their vehicles, but sometimes new Pontiac wheels are needed following an unfortunate meeting with a pothole, or an accidental curb jump.

Any impact can cause dents and cracks that might seem minor to you, but can actually make driving difficult or even dangerous. Minor wheel damage can also cause your car to get lower gas mileage, wear tires unevenly or to shake when moving. We make it easy for you to solve these problems quickly.

Buying Pontiac Rims and Wheels

We have both new and used Pontiac OEM wheels and rims for you to choose from. Our used wheels are refurbished to look brand new and work perfectly. We inspect each piece before it leaves our warehouses to be sure they will meet your expectations, and both new and used Pontiac rims and wheels are covered by our 30-day guarantee.

Just select the make, model and year of your Pontiac from the drop down boxes, and select the OEM factory rims or wheels from the list provided. You can purchase one to replace a damaged part, or an entire set to restore your vehicle to its former glory. Complete the transaction using our secure checkout page and your order will be shipped to you within one day in most cases.

Get Help with Your Pontiac OEM Factory Wheel or Rim Order

Feel free to contact us by phone or email to get help with any questions you have regarding your Pontiac rim or wheel purchase. We can also help you place your order by phone if you prefer, and are always ready to assist you with any return or replacement if you have a problem after you receive your parts.

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