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Porsche makes some of the world’s most luxurious sports cars available. They have a long and proud tradition of creating powerful automobiles that began in 1931 and still continues today. We can help you keep your Porsche Panamera, Spyder or Cayman running smoothly, or provide you with the Porsche OEM factory rims or wheels needed to restore a classic 1957 Cabriolet. We carry only the finest OEM factory designed rims and wheels so you can be sure that the parts you get will perform to the highest standards.

Why Replace Your Porsche Wheels or Rims

Sometimes Porsche owners want to add a personal touch to their vehicle and choose to replace standard rims with a different design. It is important to only consider that option if the parts are compliant with the factory specifications of your vehicle to ensure proper function and safety. However, there are many other reasons to buy new or used Porsche rims or wheels.

If you have any damage to your wheel from hitting a pothole or rubbing a curb, you can begin to experience a decrease in performance and stability in your car. Dents in a wheel can also make tires loose pressure and lower its performance and gas mileage.

Replacing Your Porsche Wheels or Rims

Fit matter when you are replacing your Porsche wheels and rims. We offer only OEM factory rims and wheels so your car will perform right and be safe to drive. It is easy to find the right Porsche OEM factory rims or wheels on our site. Just select the model and year of your Porsche from the boxes on our pages and look at the listing of parts for your car.

Choose the matching rim or wheel to replace a single damaged part, or select an entire set of new rims to add a little personalized style to your vehicle. Once you have the parts added to your cart you can complete the purchase with our secure checkout process. Your order will be shipped the next day in many cases.

Call for the Answers to Your Porsche Rim or Wheel Order Questions

Call us to get help with any questions you have regarding your Porsche rims or wheels order. We provide a 30-day guarantee on all parts for your satisfaction. We also have many used/refurbished Porsche OEM wheels and rims for those on a budget. All of our OEM factory rims and wheels are provided at the best prices available to make it easier for you to keep your car in top shape.

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