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Scion is a relatively new-comer to the automobile market. Developed in 2002, the brand is a part of the Toyota Company focused on North America. These stylish autos come in many different styles, to suit any need. From the early xA to the unique Scion Hako, these are attention grabbing vehicles that have broad function and versatility. We carry all of the Scion OEM wheels and rims to help you keep your beautiful automobile operating at peak efficiency. Whether you own the powerful and sporty Scion tC or the people-moving Scion xB, all you have to do is select the model and year of your Scion in the drop down boxes to find all of the options available for your car.

When to Buy New or Used Scion OEM Rims or Wheels

Of course you can buy a flashy new set of OEM factory wheels or rims for your Scion at any time to keep them fresh looking and create more pride in your vehicle. However, it is imperative to inspect your car’s tires and assembly regularly to assess any damage created by regular wear and tear. Road surfaces, inclines, ditches, bumps and potholes are all common elements that can damage a wheel or rim.

Whenever you have a bump, dent or crack in any part of your wheel assembly it is important to replace them immediately to keep your auto safe to drive and performing properly. You should also buy new or used Scion OEM rims or wheels if you know you have driven over an obstacle, hit a curb or caused an impact that has damaged any part of the wheel or rim.

Why OEM Factory Rims and Wheels are Important

You need to replace your parts with those made specifically for your car. OEM factory wheels and rims are created to fit each individual model perfectly to allow for the best performance and safety features. Badly fitting wheels can cause tires to rum on the fenders and lower performance. A badly fitting wheel can also reduce braking system efficiency. These issues can either be annoying or dangerous, but they should always be corrected.

Help With Your Scion Wheel Order

You can call or email us at any time to get help with your order of Scion OEM wheels or rims. Our representatives are always happy to answer any questions you have, or help you place your order.

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