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Whether you own a luxury Subaru Impreza or a sporty Subaru Legacy, we have the OEM factory wheels and rims to keep it look its best and performing at its most efficient levels. You can find high-quality wheels and rims to replace damaged parts on your 2016 Subaru Outback or restore your vintage 1958 Subaru 360 to its former glory. We carry a full line of the best factory wheels and rims at great prices. We also have many used parts available at even better savings.

How to Buy Subaru OEM Factory Wheels and Rims

Our used wheels and rims are refurbished to ensure great performance and a factory new appearance. If you buy new or used wheels or rims, you are fully covered by our 30-day guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. All you have to do is pick the part you need by selecting your Subaru model and year from the drop down boxes on our pages. Once you have chosen the parts you need, just complete the easy to use, secure checkout page and your new or used Subaru OEM wheels or rims will be on their way to your doorstep. Most orders ship within one day after payment is received.

Buying OEM Factory Rims and Wheels for the Best Performance

We only offer OEM factory rims and wheels to ensure the best performance and fit for your Subaru. Parts that fit badly also perform badly. The difference of even a fraction of an inch in fit can mean your car handles badly, has lower gas mileage or may even be dangerous to drive.

Wheels that are the wrong size can rub on fenders, or shake while the car is in motion. Wheels that are too large for your car may cause brakes to rub constantly, creating a drag, lower performance and poor acceleration. Wheels that are too small may not have enough gripping power for brakes to stop the vehicle in an emergency.

Contact Our Customer Service Department for Help with Your Order

When you buy Subaru OEM factory wheels or rims from us, you do not have to worry about performance or safety, and you will get the best prices available. You can call or email our customer service representatives at any time to get the answers you need to questions about your order, or for help placing your order for Subaru wheels or rims.

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