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Tesla is the new age of automobile technology. If you own one, you know that you can drive for hundreds of miles on a single charge of electricity. The innovation involved in the Tesla is ground-breaking, and these delightful vehicles are sure to keep us and future generations on the road with far less environmental impact than ever before. However, no environmental impact does not mean no road impact. You still need to keep your Tesla’s wheels and tires in great shape.

Like any car, the most often damaged parts are the tires and wheels. We have a full selection of Tesla OEM factory wheels and rims so you can fix, repair or restore your Tesla and keep it working at peak efficiency. All of our wheels and rims are price as low as possible, and we even have a good selection of used wheels and rims to help car owners on a budget.

Why Buying Tesla OEM Factory Wheels and Rims is Important

Keeping your car performing at its best is a primary concern, and wheels or rims that are not made to the right specifications are less likely to offer the best efficiency. They can even be hazardous to drive. Wheels that do not fit properly can cause brakes to rub or not have the right contact for proper stopping power. They can also allow tires to rub on fenders, cause stress to the suspension system and allow air to leak from the tires. We only offer the highest-quality OEM factory wheels and rims for your Tesla so you never have to worry about fit or the safety of your vehicle.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We want you to be happy. We offer a full 30-day guarantee on all of our Tesla OEM wheels and rims to ensure you are completely happy with your order when it arrives. Just call us within 30 days after you receive your order and we will arrange for the return of your parts or a replacement if you desire.

You can call our customer service department to get answers to any questions you have about your order, and we can help walk you through the order process if you need us to. Getting your Tesla rims or wheels is simple. Just select the model and year of your car in the boxes on our page, and we will provide you with a full list of all available wheels and rims. Complete the order on our secure checkout page and your order will be on its way to  you within one day in most cases.

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