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Volkswagens aren’t just “Beetles” anymore. Modern Volkswagens are impressive sedans, sexy convertibles, roomy SUVs and classy coupes. No matter what style you own, we have the Volkswagen OEM factory wheels and rims to help you keep it running at peak efficiency and looking its best.

For automotive enthusiasts with classic Volkswagen buses or Beetles, we have the parts you need to restore your awesome piece of history to its full glory. Old or new, stylish and classic, all a Volkswagen owner has to do is look for the make, model and year of their car in the drop down boxes on our site to find the full list of wheels and rims to get them on the road again.

Why OEM Factory Rims and Wheels are Important

When choosing the parts for your Volkswagen, it is important to keep safety and performance in mind. Price is a determining factor for many car owners when fixing or restoring their vehicles, but price should never outweigh the safety of your car. Parts that are not made to factory specifications for your vehicle may not fit properly. Poorly fitting wheels can cause tires to rub on fenders, affect the suspension and even allow brakes to grip, rub, or not have enough contact to stop the car in time to avoid a collision. We provide you with the best, high-quality Volkswagen OEM rims and wheels, so you never have to worry about having parts that work the way they are supposed to.

When to Check for Wheel or Rim Damage

Along with restoring a Volkswagen to its prime condition, drivers should always check for breakage, dents or cracks in their wheels and rims whenever they hit an object in the road. It doesn’t have to be an unusual object, potholes, curbs, street dividers and parking curbs are all common suspects when tire and wheel damage occurs. You can replace any damaged Volkswagen wheel or rim quickly and easily with our quick shipping policy. We send your order out within one day in most cases.

Contact Us for Help with Your Volkswagen Rim or Wheel Order

We are always happy to answer any questions you have concerning your order. Call or email our representatives for quick and thorough help placing any order. All of our parts are covered by a 30-day guarantee for your satisfaction. For Volkswagen owners on a budget, we also have many high-quality refurbished rims and wheels at even better savings.

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