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We have a large selection of Volvo OEM factory wheels and rims on our pages. We can help you get the parts you need to keep your sporty S80, classy XC70 or roomy SC60 in top working order. You can order any Volvo rims and wheels quickly on our easy to navigate website. Just select the make, model and year of your vehicle from the list in the drop down boxes on the pages of our site. You will receive a listing of all of the rims and wheels designed to fit your automobile perfectly.

Why Buy OEM Rims and Wheels for Your Volvo?

Not all rims or wheels are created equal. They come in many different sizes. Putting a wheel or rim on your Volvo that isn’t the right size can cause damage to your car’s brakes, suspension or tires. Large wheels can make tires rub on the fenders causing excess or uneven wear. If your Volvo’s wheels are too big, they can also rub on the brakes creating poor acceleration, lower gas mileage and poor to dangerous handling.

Wheels that are too small can keep the brakes from getting enough contact to stop your vehicle in time. We only offer you the best Volvo rims and wheels made to the exact factory specifications—OEM factory quality, so you are always safe and you get the best performance from your car or SUV.

When to Buy New Rims or Wheels for Your Volvo

You should replace worn or damaged wheels or rims immediately following an accident or when you feel your car impact any part of the road. Potholes, uneven grades, dips and speed bumps are all common causes of wheel or rim damage. Driver error is another time it is important to inspect your Volvo’s rims and wheels for damage. If you accidentally hit an object in the road, the curb, the center island of a divided highway or other solid object you should look for cracks or dents quickly.

Even a small dent or crack can allow air to leak out of tires, reducing their pressure and keeping them from getting the proper contact. Poor tire pressure also causes lower gas mileage and may make it more difficult to control your vehicle. Immediate replacement of damaged Volvo wheels or rims is the best way to ensure you have a great driving experience and you and your family is safe.

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