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Wheel Finishes

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), these are the same wheels you get when you buy your car from the dealer, these wheels come in multiple styles and designs, as well as having multiple finishes for the same design.

The most common finishes found on today's OEM are painted, machined face, hyper silver, polished, chrome, and chrome clad. Below we are going to do our best to describe the different finished with pictures, but if you still need help in determining what you need, please feel free to use our "wheel locator" in the header of the page, with this locater you can tell us the year, make and model of your vehicle, as well as attached a picture of the wheel.  Check out our homepage to see our large selection oem rims that we offer for various brands.


Painted wheels can come in multiple colors, most common is silver or sparkle silver. But can also come in black, flat black, white, red, gold, etc.  The entire face of the wheel is finished in this finish, and normally the inside of the wheel is the same color. These wheels also have a clear coat finish on top of the paint.

Machined Face

Machined Face wheels are a little more complex, this finish is achieved by painting the wheel just like a painted wheel, but then the wheel is put into a CNC lathe to achieve the final face finish, the face of the wheel is skimmed on the machine creating the spokes and / or the outer lip of the wheel to achieve a finish that can be distinguished by looking for the fine lines (almost like a record), they can be quite noticeable or they can also be very faint. The pockets or the remainder of the wheel can be left to whichever color the wheel was originally painted. Check out our homepage to see our large selection oem wheels that we offer for various brands.

Hyper Silver

Hyper Silver is a two part paint process, normally the wheel is painted black and then painted with a metallic paint, the paints can range from a light silver to a dark gray depending on the manufacture. These wheels can be hard to distinguish from standard painted wheels, the easiest way in most cases is to look at the inside of the back of the wheel, you will see traces of the black paint, the gray overcoat is usually only painted on the face of the wheel.


Polished wheels are a great option, polishing a wheel is a machine process that polished the raw aluminum to a reflective finish, the wheels are than clear coated. Polished wheels can also have painted inlays to give the wheels a custom appearance. The difference between polished and chrome is chrome is a mirror like finish.


The top choice of car enthusiast for years, a chrome finish is pretty easy to determine, the wheel will have a mirror like finish.

Chrome Clad

The newest options of the OEM wheel manufactures, a chrome clad wheel will look identical to the eye, the easy way to tell a chrome clad wheel is to knock on the face of the wheel with your knuckles, a chrome clad wheel is an aluminum wheel backing with a chrome plastic face that has been permanently glued on. If it feels like plastic and is glued on, this is what you have.