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Truck Accessories

Whether you think of your truck as a workhorse or a sporty performance vehicle, you can get the most out of your vehicle with the amazing OEM truck accessories we have for you. We carry the finest Tonneau covers and wheel well liners for Buick, Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac trucks on the market today.

Why Wheel Well Liners are a Good Investment in Truck Care

Heavy-duty wheel well liners protect your pickup truck from damage to the undercarriage from strewn rocks or debris that the wheels come in contact with as you drive. Instead of shooting high-velocity particles up into the metal of your truck, possibly puncturing the structure, damaging moving parts or chipping the metal allowing rust to begin, the liner provides a protective coating that is nearly impenetrable.

Wheel well liners also protect metal body parts from salt damage in areas that have heavy winter snow, and also keep tar from fresh road surfaces from accumulating underneath your vehicle. Along with all of the protection wheel well covers add to your truck, they also make it look sharp by creating a sleek black lining rather than a raw metal look in the open spaces between the wheel and the fender.

Creating More Useable Space with a Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

You can get a lot more out of your pickup truck bed with a Tonneau cover. This heavy-duty bed-topper comes in both hard and soft versions, that fold or roll up to allow you access to your truck, but then close up completely to keep out unwanted intruders, protect your valuable contents and allow you to carry items in your truck bed that would otherwise blow away while driving. Tonneau covers also have an added advantage over bare bed trucks: they are more aerodynamic, creating a smooth surface for airflow rather than a pit that traps air as it comes over the top of the cab, creating a resistance that increases gas mileage.

With a Tonneau cover on your pickup truck, the air slides right off the back, giving you better performance and gas mileage. You can get the same savings by driving with the tailgate down, but how attractive is that? A Tonneau cover is a beautiful addition to your truck that offers you more versatility. If you need to occasionally carry large items in the bed, select a soft cover that rolls up easily to expose the entire bed. If you are looking for a more secure, truck-like look to protect tools and other types of equipment, choose a hard Tonneau cover for your truck.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

When you buy your truck accessories from us you can be sure that they will fit well and perform properly. We only sell the best OEM factory spec equipment for your vehicles. Once you purchase your wheel well liner or Tonneau cover it will usually be shipped on one business day. You can always be sure that our products are covered by our satisfaction guarantee, and that our customer service representatives are available to take your calls and answer any question you may have regarding your truck accessory purchases.

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